NYC-based WordPress Developer, Drupal, ReactJS, Shopify

A Few Noteworthy Projects Over The Past Decade

WordPress, Drupal, Shopify & React Native Developer in NYC

WordPress, Drupal, Shopify & React Native Developer in NYC

I have been a freelance web developer since 2007. I've worked for CNN, Sony Music, Columbia University, The State of California, The State of New York, The City of New York and so many other wonderful organizations.

I'm always looking for new projects so feel free to contact me and maybe we can work together for years to come!

Drupal Development for Pernod Ricard

Drupal and iOS App Development for Pernod Ricard

2008: Pernod Ricard, one of the world’s leading producers of wines and spirits, had a team of brand-specialists who were looking to share their experiences in the arena of fine spirits with their peers. They needed a multi-user blog platform that was easy to use and provided them a way to quickly create an AJAX gallery of images. They were also looking to manage their team's events calendar in a single location.

2016: Teamed with the talented folks at theLab in NYC my colleague Ramon and I led the build of this Drupal site that syncs content from the BrandCloud asset management system.

2019: The brand managers at Pernod had been looking to build an iOS app to quickly search and share unique cocktail recipes. The app would be distributed internally via the Apple Enterprise Program. Drupal + React Native handled the task.


Drupal Developer at Columbia University

In 2014 was part of the Columbia University IT (CUIT) web development team, focused on platform-based Drupal development.

Sony Music

Drupal Platform Developer for Sony Music

From April 2010 to January 2014 I was part of a fantastic team of talented folks at Sony Music that created Drupal CMS platforms to spin up artist websites. It was a challenging task. Artists wanted unique vibes to their websites but we had to support IE6 and IE7 that really challenged what you could do on the front-end. There was a transition away from Flash to JavaScript. There was so much growth in social media with Facebook really taking the reins in that timeframe. Our team was supporting hundreds of artist and label websites.

Drupal Developer for CNN

Drupal Developer for CNN

Way back in 2009 I was part of a small team of developers that built using the Drupal content management system. My role was mostly front-end development along with component building using Drupal Views and PHP templates.

Many Wonderful Clients Over The Years